Ristorante Pizzeria
La Marinella


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Ristorante Pizzeria
La Marinella


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Ristorante Pizzeria
La Marinella


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The Ristorante Pizzeria La Marinella is open all year long for breakfast, lunch, dinner with a snack bar service, coffee bar, quick meals and inside the place there’s the possibility to buy the tobacco. For dinner the guests can taste an exclusive aperitif with snacks “happy hour” combined with a suggestive background music, everything happens near the sea. After a day on the beach and a visit to the beauties of the surroundings, it’s enjoyable to taste something appetizing, prepared with mastery by the staff of the place. The aperitif of the Ristorante Pizzeria La Marinella offers a rich buffet composed of fresh food and local products that come from the nearby. All the products that the guests can taste are served with a glass of wine, or a cocktail, both are always served with kindness. But the aperitif in the fish restaurant in Quartu Sant’Elena La Marinella is synonymous of natural and architectonic beauty, thanks to the wonderful view on the sea and to the ancient monuments that sprinkle the surroundings.

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The fish Restaurant in Quartu Sant’Elena La Marinella proposes all the typical dishes of the traditional Sardinian cooking, in addition to a wide assortment of pizza and a steaks service. Traditionally this cooking is of Mediterranean kind, that uses both the products that come from the sea and the ones that are produced by farmers and shepherds. Given that the isle has been a colony of a lot of settlements, from the Phoenician one to the one from Pisa, the influences on the dishes of this land are several. You can actually recognize three food traditions, concerning the food realized with products that come from the sea, that is the most ancient of Phoenician-Roman origin, the most typical of the south-west area that goes back to the Genoese and from Pisa people settlement, and in the end the one with Catalan influences that includes the territory from Alghero to the Bocche di Bonifacio. Among the typical dishes of the region, the carasau bread, the fish eggs, the pork, the Abbamele and muchgoat’s cheese.

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Event organization

More than being a fish Restaurant in Quartu Sant’Elena, La Marinella is also a music bar, in the place you can organize some events like weddings, degree parties, Confirmations, baptisms, Holy communions, birthday parties….Each occasion is accompanied by a different menu proposal, that is shown to the guest in all the details by the staff. Furthermore the choice can be personalized, with typical dishes of the tradition, both of meat or fish. The Ristorante Pizzeria La Marinella disposes of a really beautiful location because it overlooks the wonderful beachof the Poetto that extends for about eight kilometres, from the Sella Del Diavolo to the coast of Quartu Sant’Elena. The place is very welcomingand in the beautiful season it is possible to be sitting at the outdoor tables to enjoy the landscape beauty, listening to selected songs, that are specifically chosen to entertain the guests. La Marinella proposes a lot of dishes and menus, suitable for any special occasion.

Fish restaurant in Quartu Sant’Elena

As Sardinia is an island, it developed over the years a lot of typical dishes of the tradition, fish-based dishes. The tuna and the mullet are probably the most fished fish. With the first one people prepare the tuna heart and the tuna underbelly in oil, while, with the second one they prepare the fish eggs (bottarga) one of the food symbols of the island. Among the most appreciated light blue fish there are the anchovies, that are prepared stuffed, but also shellfish like the famous Alghero lobster. The eels too, that are especially widespread in the Oristano area, are roasted or barbecued. A varied fish-based speciality is the burrida prepared by the fish flouring and frying that is then spiced with garlic, vinegar, walnuts, pine nuts, soft inside of bread-based sauce. As it concerns the soups, they contain shellfish too, that with the tomato and the bread set up the Cassola, while another typical dish of this island are the fried sea anemones.

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Ristorante Pizzeria
La Marinella


Ristorante Pizzeria La Marinella is at the Poetto beach, easily reachableby the public means of transport, with a wide parking area and not far from Cagliari. The fine sand of the city beach, the longest one of Italy, welcomes the visitors before and afterthe fruition of the food service, the bar and the entertainment activities. The restaurant is opened all year long and it’s one of the preferred pizzerias and steak houses pf the province.

Quartu Sant’Elena is in one of the most characteristic areas of Sardinia, that is the Campidano valley, while on the east side there is the park of Sette Fratelli, one of the most important naturalistic parks in the island. The place is very welcoming and during the beautiful season, it’s possible to sit at the outdoor tables to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. The menu is characterized by the recipes of the healthy and light sea cooking and by the delicious traditional Sardinian dishes. The food is prepared with fresh, genuine and first choice ingredients.

The Marinella Bar Restaurant is a place that is equipped with public defibrillator.