Ristorante Pizzeria La Marinella in Quartu Sant’Elena

Ristorante Pizzeria La Marinella in Quartu Sant’Elena is on the wonderful beach of the Poetto, in a easily reachable area by the public means of transport, with a wide parking area and not far from Cagliari. the fine sand of the city beach, the longest of Italy welcomes the visitors before and after the fruition of the food service, the bar and the entertainment activities of the Ristorante Pizzeria La Marinella. The place is open all the year long and it is one of the most famous pizzerias and steak houses of the area.

Quartu Sant’Elena is in one of the most characteristic areas of the Sardinia, that is the Campidano valley, while on the east part of it the Park of the Sette Fratelli expands, one of the most important naturalistic patrimonies of the island. The city has very ancient origins, in effect people made many findings that go back to the nuragic period, but probably the Phoenicians too settled in this territory. The activity of the salt extraction goes back instead to the Romanic age, this activity gave the input to the growth of a lot of villages, among them the present cities of Quartu Sant’Elrena and Quartucciu.

Ristorante Pizzeria La Marinella in Quartu Sant’Elena is in the nearness of the beautiful beach of the Poetto that extends for about eight kilometres, from the Sella del Diavolo to the coast of Quartu Sant’Elena. The place is very welcoming and, in the beautiful season, it’s possible to sit at the outdoor tables to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. The menu is characterized by the recipes of the healthy and light marinara cookingand by the delicious traditional Sardinian dishes. The food is prepared with fresh and genuine first-choice products. The dishes can win over the most demanding guests too, who are careful to the taste equilibriums and to the ingredients combinations, thanks to the mix of tradition and modernity. In this restaurant, pizzeria, you can taste both the meat specialities or the fish ones, every dish is really fresh.
The selected ingredients are found on the territory and this fact allows the customers to taste the true tastes of the most authentic Sardinia

Ristorante Pizzeria La Marinella is ideal for the people who is looking for the pleasure of a good pizza too, because all of them are realized not only with selected products but also with a high quality mixture. All the present varieties are very tasty and go from the traditional tastes to the most original combinations, or they are enriched with typical products-based condiments.

There are lots dishes of the Sardinian cooking, most of them are proposed by the Ristorante Pizzeria La Marinella Among the entrées for example, the bran little gnocchi with sauce and sausages called malloreddus or the culurjonis,some stuffed with ricotta and mint “fagottini”, that can also be prepared in a variety that is stuffed with potato, fresh cheese and mint. As it concerns the main course, the typical dishes of the Sardinian cooking are almost all meat-based, like the famous pork. The lamb, the goat and the calf, cooked on the spits or on the grills are very widespread meat on the island. It can’t miss the boiled, with onions and potatoes sheep, it is called Sa Berbeche and the lamb entrails that are called Sa cordula.