Apericena service

Aperitif in Quartu Sant’Elena

The Restaurant Pizzeria La Marinella is open all year long for breakfast, lunch, dinner with a snack bar service, coffee bar, quick meals and inside the place there’s the possibility to buy the tobacco. For dinner the guests can taste the aperitif in Quartu Sant’Elena, with snacks “happy hour”, combined with a suggestive background music, near the sea.After a day on the beach and a visit to the beauties of the surroundings, it’s enjoyable to taste something appetizing, prepared with mastery by the staff of the place. Everybody knows that aperitif means not only drinking, but also eating or better, tasting. Ristorante Pizzeria La Marinella offers a rich buffet, composed by fresh and typical of the place food. But the aperitif in Quartu Sant’Elena is a synonymous of natural and architectonic beauty, thanks to the wonderful view on the gulf and to the ancient monuments that go back to the nuragic period. The aperitif is a beloved moment by the Italian people and has a long tradition on the history of the country. Since the antiquity a lot of populations have had the habit of drinking an aromatic drink, more or less alcoholic, before dinner. The ancient Roman people sipped the mulsum, a drink composed of three parts of Greek white wine, flavoured with honey and fennel seeds, and already in that period, the sense of this practice was exactly the one of teasing the hunger. An alternative was the mirtillum, a myrtle berries and leaves-based drink, probably a similar to the today Sardinian myrtle drink, a symbol of the island. This liqueur is obtained by the maceration of the berries mixed with the leaves of the myrtle. There are two kinds of drink, the red one has this kind of colour because of the action of the antocians of the berries and the white one that is obtained both from the depigmented berries and from the maceration of the leaves of young sprouts. The myrtle is today considered as a digestive, that’s why it has to be drunk after the meals, but also as an aperitif. The best way to appreciate it is to drink it icy, poured from bottles kept in the freezer, in this way it is served at the Ristorante Pizzeria La Marinella.

Among the proposed food at the aperitif, a rich assortment of sweets, especially the most typical of the Sardinian cooking, can’t miss, for the greedy people. Among these ones, the Sa Seada, as well as other sweets that were born on the island, like the tart called Is Pardulas, with a fresh from a cow cheese, in this case enclosed in a dough and spiced with lemon. Once prepared the Sa Seada, it is fried and then covered with honey, like the Sas Urillettas, prepared with flour and eggs dough. Honey-based is also the S’aranciada, prepared with candied orange peels and toasted almonds, there are lots of sweets actually that are produced with almonds and honey, like the Sos Coroccheddos, Sos Maricosos and SAos Guerfos.
In the aperitif the always fresh ready sliced-meat can’t miss and, in the most frequent cases, typical of the island, like the boar ham, various qualities of bacon, pork loin and air-cured pork meat.
Among the various delicious food, the carasao bread is excellent, it is the symbol of Sardinia, whose origins are very ancient. This bread, like its variety called guttiau, is obtained thanks to a double cook in the oven, becoming in this way a thin, fragrant disk that lasts over the years.