Organizzazione di matrimoni

Music Bar in Quartu Sant’Elena

Besides being a pizzeria and a restaurant, Ristorante Pizzeria La Marinella is also a music bar in Quartu Sant’Elena, in which it is possible to organize events like weddings, degree parties, confirmations, baptism, Holy communions and birthday parties…each occasion is accompanied by a different menu proposal, that the staff of the Ristorante Pizzeria La Marinella illustrates in all the details. Furthermorethe choice can be personalized, preferring the typical dishes of the tradition, both of meat or of fish. In the menu can be included lots of specialities of the typical Sardinian cooking too, like for instance the Sos Maccarrones Cravaos, a variant of the little gnocchi, or the Sos Maccarrones de Busa, some “bucatini” pasta prepared by a specific long iron instrument, that are famous all over the peninsula. People who appreciate the fresh pecorino cheese, also love the Sos Maccarrones Furriaos, a dish that is composed of this cheese and wheat bran. 

Each event, both if it is a wedding, a baptism or any other special occasion, must be celebrated with a special dessert. In this case too, the Ristorante Pizzeria La Marinella offers a wide choice of typical Sardinian desserts, like the Sa Seada that, like the tart called Is Pardulas, is prepared with a fresh from a cow cheese, enclosed in a dough and spiced with lemon. Once prepared, the Sa Seada is fried and then covered with honey, like the Sas Urillettas, prepared with flour and eggs dough. With a honey-base is also the S’aranciàda, prepared with candied orange peels and toasted almonds, they are all sweets that are produced with almonds and honey, like the Sos Coroccheddos, Sos Maricosos and Sos Guerfos. Another product that derives from the honey is the Abbamele, one of the most representative of Sardinia products. This one is prepared with the water that is used for the washing of the squeezed honeycombs. After a long boiling that includes orange and lemon peel, the liquid that is at this point dense and similar to the honey is left to rest, and once it is lukewarm, it is bottled.

Thanks to the wonderful view on the sea, the place is suitable for all the tastes and needs, making unique a special day.  Quartu Sant’Elena is in one of the most characteristic areas of the island, that is the Campidano valley, while on the east part of it, the Park of the Sette Fratelli expands, one of the most important naturalistic patrimonies and most beautiful of that area. The city has very ancient origins, in effect people made many findings that go back to the nuragic period, but probably the Phoenicians too settled in this territory. The activity of the salt extraction goes back instead to the Romanic age, this activity gave the input to the growth of a lot of villages, among them the present cities of Quartu Sant’Elrena and Quartucciu.
The Restaurant Pizzera La Marinella is in the nearness of the beautiful beach of the Poetto that extends for about eight kilometres, from the Sella del Diavolo to the coast of Quartu Sant’Elena. The place is very welcoming and, in the beautiful season, it’s possible to sit at the outdoor tablesin order to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, listening to a selection of songs, specifically chosen by this music bar in Quartu Sant’Elena.