Dishes of pastoral tradition

Restaurant view on the sea in Quartu Sant’Elena

Ristorante Pizzeria La Marinella is a restaurant with view on the sea in Quartu Sant’Elena that proposes typical of the Sardinian tradition dishes, as well as a wide assortment of pizzas and a service of steak house. Traditionally this kind of cooking is Mediterranean, prepared both with products that come from the sea and pastoral and farming ones. . Given that the isle has been a colony of a lot of settlements, from the Phoenician one to the one from Pisa, the influences on the dishes of this land are several. You can actually recognize three food traditions, concerning the food realized with products that come from the sea, that is the most ancient of Phoenician-Roman origin, the most typical of the south-west area that goes back to the Genoese and from Pisa people settlement, and in the end the one with Catalan influences that includes the territory from Alghero to the Bocche di Bonifacio. One of the typical products is the “bottarga”that is obtained from the mullet eggs, that after a conservation process, by which they are pressed and dried out, it can be cut in thin slices and eaten with the bread. Furthermore with the bottarga you can flavour the pasta, with added extra virgin olive oil and garlic. Always concerning the fish, another characteristic product is the“merca”, it comes from the mullet, that this time is boiled and rolled up in a pocket of marsh grass, and the burrida, a marinated with vinegar and walnuts gattucio. There are also many kinds of fish and shellfish soup, to which tomato and various spices are added in order to flavour them, while on the spit are typical the eels, very appreciated on the island.
Among the typical fish-based dishes there are the classical sea-basses, snappers and gilthead breams, whose fishing is commonly done by the Sardinian fishers. With a Genoese influence is actually the traditional tuna fishing, and consequently all the production of the food that is linked to it, like for example the already mentioned bottarga, the tuna heart and the musciame. Among the bluetailed fish, the most appreciated are the anchovies that are prepared stuffed, but also the shellfish, like the famous lobsters of Alghero. The eels too are especially widespread in the area of Oristano and they are roasted and cooked on the embers. A various fish-based speciality is the burrida, that is prepared flouring and frying the fish that is flavoured with a garlic, vinegar, walnuts, pine nuts and soft inside of bread sauce. . As it concerns the soups, they contain shellfish too, that with the tomato and the bread set up the Cassola, while another typical dish of this island are the fried sea anemones.
The Restaurant with a sea view in Quartu Sant’Elena Ristorante Pizzeria La Marinella proposes dishes of the pastoral tradition too, that means that they contain meat produced by the farmers. It is a very simple cooking, but it varies a lot, both in the names or in the ingredients, depending on the different areas of the island. One of the symbols of Sardinia, that is famous everywhere in Italy, is the carasau bread, whose origins are very ancient. It is used by the shepherds during the long crossings they did with their herd, that’s why it is thin and crunchy and has the feature of conserve itself for a long time. This bread like its variant called guttiau, is produced by a double cook in the oven, becoming in this way a very thin disk. As it concerns the cold cuts, characteristic is the boar ham, that is usually served with mushrooms, olives and cheese. In this population of shepherds, in Sardinia, the most famous cheese is the pecorino, both fresh or ripened, like, for example the casizolu, that is also roasted and served with the honey.